How It Works for Senders

  • Post a Shipment
    Snap a photo, enter some details, and tell us how much you'd like to pay.
  • Choose Your Carrier
    Within minutes, you'll get offers from Gozer Carriers happy to share their ride with your stuff. Select a Carrier based on ratings.
  • Schedule Pickup
    Confirm with your Carrier when and where you'd like them to pick up your shipment. You can chat within the app or give your Carrier a call.
  • Stay in the Loop
    With push notifications, you’ll be alerted when your shipment is picked up, on its way, and delivered. You can also see where your Carrier is via the live tracking feature.

How It Works for Carriers

  • Search Shipments
    Search for shipments needing to be picked up in your area.
  • Make An Offer
    Send an offer to deliver a shipment. If you'd like, you can even send a counter-offer on the price.
  • Pick It Up and Go!
    Confirm with your Sender when and where you’ll pick up their stuff. You can use the app’s chat room or give your Sender a call. Then hit the road!

Did Someone Say "Free Road Trips"?

The many benefits of using Gozer:

  • Score Free Road Trips
    Cover the cost of fuel by getting paid to deliver shipments to your trip's destination.
  • Save Time
    No more standing in line at the post office or worrying about how to package your item.
  • Save Money
    Gozer is almost always cheaper than paying extra fees to ship expedited or large items.
  • Control the Price
    Whether you're a Sender or a Carrier, you control the pricing. This ensures Senders get a good deal and Carriers get paid what's worth it for them.
  • Gain Peace of Mind
    All Carriers have passed a criminal background check and have been thoroughly vetted. Gozer keeps record of personal information and insurance for all Carriers, and each Carrier is responsible for any claims should an accident occur.
  • Keep Up With Your Stuff
    Push notifications and live tracking ensure you know exactly how your stuff is doing on its road trip. You can also enter a chat room with your Carrier for quick and easy communication.

Get Going With Gozer

Need to move your washing machine from LA to SF? Have a last-minute birthday gift you need to get to a friend an hour's drive away? Trying to coordinate a pickup for an item you bought on Craigslist? With Gozer, it's possible to do all these things for much cheaper and faster than with traditional shipping methods.

It's easy (and free!) to get started with Gozer. Download it on the App Store and post your first shipment or apply to be a Carrier today!